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Roll-on Mood Enhancers

Roll-on Mood Enhancers

Our Mood enhancers focus energy on specific senses by uniting both Crystals and Essential Oils for your needs.

  • Abundance Mood Enhancing Roll-on

    Our Abundance Mood Enhancing Roll-on has a zesty blend of essential oils paired with Citrine stone. Citrine is a stone of abundance and has many mood enhancing properties of its own like;
    a glow of creative energy to kickstart a creative heart, positive vibes, Self-esteem, self-confidence, wealth, health, and other achievements.

  • Universal Love Mood Enhancing Roll-on

    Our Universal Love Mood Enhancing Roll-on focuses on both giving and receiving love which is enhanced with a harmonious blend of essential oils. Rose Quartz crystals are known for being the stone of unconditional love.
    Rose quartz emits a strong vibration of:
    love, self love, revealing fake love,
    joy, emotional healing, and pure love.

  • Brain Booster Mood Enhancing Roll-on

    Brain Booster Roll-on has a soothing blend of essential oils, paired with Tigers Eye crystal. Tigers Eye is known for self-confidence and inner strength. These properties are enhanced with an earthy blend of oils that penetrate very calmly into the nervous system, assisting in opening blocked neurotransmissive  pathways breaking the blood/brain barrier, sucessfully obtaining this boosting effect

  • Calming Mood Enhancing Roll-on

    Calming Mood Enhancing Roll-on

    This mood enhancer is paired with Amethyst Crystals. Focusing energy on spiritual healing, calmness, and wisdom. Amethyst protects one of their own thoughts providing clear clarity, deep contemplation, and a sense of control. These properties are enhanced with a familiar scent of essential oils.

    Amethyst can be a beautiful aide in recovery for those suffering from overwhelming emotions, grief, loss and other shades of sadness.

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