Hand Poured Soap

Made with safe, natural and skin nourishing ingredients.

No artificial ingredients, no synthetic fragrances, no dyes, chemical free.


Sea Moss & Shea Butter Skin Food Body Bar

New Addition

This creation will glorify your skin in so many ways!! Shea Butter Baby scent at its finest. 
Made with Sea Moss, Shea Butter, Vanilla essential oil, Bentonite Clay & Black African Soap


Foaming African Black Soap

Customer Favorite

Removes skin impurities and toxins, Balances oil on the skin, Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, Rejuvenates dry and dull skin, Gently exfoliates, and more

Safe for all skin types

100% natural!!


Antibacteria, Skin Impurity Soap

Top Seller

This harmonious blend will leave your skin free of acne, boils, blemishes and other skin impurities. Leaving your skin feeling and looking young, smooth and moisturized.


Raw African Black Soap Bar

For the face, body and hair

Helps remove scars due to acne, Great for sensitive skin, eczema and rashes, Rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, Contains antioxidants and minerals, Gently exfoliates, Delays aging on skin and more
Each bar comes with a soap saver.


Lavender Honey & Oats Soap

Customer Favorite

This blend has a lavender soothing effect, with gentle exfoliating oats, and a moisturizing honey glow!!